Career Snapshot

• award-winning journalist
• versatile web content writer
• accomplished voice talent

• stand-out client relations
• customer service / customer experience expertise
• technical and non-technical skills

Skills Summary

As a versatile web content writer, I am proud to contribute stellar, top-quality creative content to every project in which I am involved.

As an award-winning journalist, I employ my inherent ability to enterprise and create accurate, comprehensive, concise, and compelling content on virtually any topic by applying research, interviewing, and investigation skills.

A storyteller by nature, my industry expertise spans a variety of media, including newspaper and magazines; radio; television; and digital and social media.

Core Skills

Writing and Storytelling

Articles and Blogs
Business Writing
Creative Writing
Editing and Proofreading
Executive/Internal Communication
Journalism and Photojournalism
Resumes and Career Documents
Technical Writing
Web Content Writing
Writing Assistance and Advice

Web Project Management

Content Strategy
Information Architecture (IA)
Web Page Layout Design
Content Creation/Content Management
User Testing
User Experience (UX)
Usability and Accessibility
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Data Analysis

Technical Skills

Operating Systems
Mac | PC | iOS | Android

Microsoft Office Suite
Adobe Creative Suite

Google Digital Marketing Tools
Analytics | Docs | Drive | Insights
Keyword Planner | Tag Manager | Trends | Webmaster Tools

Graphic Design
Photoshop | Pixlr | Venngage

Wireframe Tools
Balsamiq | Gliffy | Hype | Quirk Tools

Content Management Systems (CMS)
Wordpress | Percussion | WebGarage

Project Management Tools
ActiveCollab | Asana | Basecamp
Slack | Teamwork | Trello

Quality Control
GT Metrix | Bugzilla | Browser Stack

Analytics and Website Data
Google Analytics | Kissmetrics | Site Improve | UserTesting

Teleconference and Remote Communication
GoToMeeting | HipChat | Marco Polo
Skype | WebEx | Zoom

Personality Characteristics

• loyal and dependable
• ethical and trustworthy
• cooperative team player

• kind and conscientious
• respectful and responsible
• genuine and sincere

• accessible and approachable
• amiable and empathetic
• strong moral integrity

• focused and disciplined
• pro-active and resourceful
• articulate and detail-oriented

Collaborative Focus

As a ‘people person,’ I strive for sincerely gracious interaction with everyone I meet.

Current and former colleagues attest to my proven track record of outstanding honesty and integrity; intrepid team loyalty and collaboration; above-and-beyond customer service; and reliably thorough and accurate professional process and production.

Clients and customers with whom I’ve worked verify my prompt response time; consistently courteous interaction; and exceptional deliverables.