“I know this town like the back of my hand.” It’s a common misconception of visitors to a city where they once lived, or where they frequent on vacation or work retreats.

The fact is, unless you’re driving the local roads on a daily basis, it’s impossible not to get ‘rusty.’ Thankfully, with the advent of self-driving cars, that will soon be a thing of the past.

@#$% Tourists!

My town is a world-renowned vacation destination. Every day, I thank my lucky stars that I get to live, work, and play in an area that’s the “go to” for sun-and-fun-loving people across the globe.

A common sentiment I hear from other ‘locals,’ however, is the frustration of sharing the highways and byways with seemingly lost ‘out of towners’ in rental cars. They either drive too fast, too slow, or otherwise do things to upset the regular flow of traffic. It’s not their fault. They’re driving based on the standards of their respective locales.

Go with the Flow

Driverless cars don’t care what state or country they’re in. Machines just follow the rules they’ve been programmed to obey.

This means regardless of the area, riders will get the same smooth experience. No more dealing with maniac drivers who haphazardly switch lanes. No more guessing how many miles under the speed limit the out-of-towner in front of you is going. No more stress.

Just more time to enjoy the scenery and arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to learn, play… and relax. ■

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