I consider myself fortunate to have enjoyed a varied career — spanning more than two decades — that includes web content marketing, broadcast journalism, customer service, and more.

Early Years & Professional Beginnings


Early Years

I grew up in Saint Albans, Vermont, where I attended Bellows Free Academy.

Future-Focused Teen

In high school, I was involved in various extracurricular activities, including band, chorus, and drama. I was the editor of the yearbook, regular Teen Ink contributor, and one of only a handful of students selected to represent the school at Green Mountain Boys’ State.

Professional Beginnings

My interest in journalism was piqued while working as a paperboy for the St. Albans Messenger — a newspaper to which I later contributed while still in high school.

I earned two degrees from Lyndon State College, where I was proud to collaborate with other student journalists to research, write, report, and produce daily newscasts. Beyond mere campus happenings, these broadcasts served as the sole local television news outlet for the tri-county region.

Broadcast Journalism

Learning the Ropes

I interned with CBS-affiliate WBNS 10-TV (Columbus, Ohio), and later served as Assistant News Director for a five radio station cluster in Chillicothe.

Career Expansion

In Orlando, I worked at the Marconi award-winning WDBO (Cox Enterprises) where I served as News Anchor/Reporter/Producer. I later accepted the additional role of Website Producer — a new position I helped create.

Enterprise and Investigation

While at WDBO, I received the Florida Associated Press Award for Excellence in Broadcasting: Investigative Reporting.

Later, I created, produced, and hosted a successful series for radio, print, and online outlets. Soldier Stories featured weekly interviews with service men and women stationed in the Middle East.

Web Content & Digital Media

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU)
Daytona Beach, Florida

As Web Writer and Editor for ERAU, I applied my journalism and broadcast media experience toward written and graphic improvements for the institution’s 12 websites, and was an instrumental team member in the restructuring and redesign of the university’s digital properties. The collective, award-winning websites were prized and honored as powerful enrollment and marketing tools for the institution.


Stetson University
DeLand, Florida

In my role of User Experience and Content Developer with Stetson, I helped revitalize and redesign outdated websites; unite the combined user experience to synergize with current and emerging trends, best practices, and industry standards; and generate renewed client interest and involvement in web publishing. Additionally, I fostered and guided improved working relationships with faculty, staff, and students; and created streamlined internal and external marketing communication methods and plans.

Lake Helen, Florida

I currently create and help promote unique written, voice-over, and web/social media content for various freelance and contract-based projects.

Collaborative Focus

As a ‘people person,’ I strive for sincerely gracious interaction with everyone I meet.

True Team Player

Current and former colleagues will attest to my proven track record of outstanding honesty and integrity; intrepid team loyalty and collaboration; above-and-beyond customer service; and reliably thorough and accurate professional process and production.

Attention to Detail

Clients and customers I’ve worked with will verify my prompt response time; consistently courteous interaction; and exceptional deliverables.

Continuing Education

My ongoing professional development includes research into the latest developments and emerging trends of a variety of concentrations, including:

  • digital marketing
  • broadcast media
  • technology trends
  • and more

I fulfill this commitment through trade publications, industry conferences, webinars/seminars, and professional membership.

Who I Read/Follow


Dr. Jakob Nielsen
Web Usability Expert

Gerry McGovern
Customer Experience Expert

Neil Patel
Founder, Kissmetrics

Colleen Jones
Founder, Content Science


Digital Doughnut


A List Apart
Content Marketing Institute
Social Media Today
UX Matters
University Business Magazine

In the Community

Youth Empowerment

In addition to my professional endeavors, I have been a long-time leader in youth empowerment programs, including one-on-one mentoring, after-school workshops, and summer camps.

Varied Volunteer Interests

I’m always glad for involvement in both community and employer-sponsored volunteer opportunities throughout Central Florida.

Membership and Group Participation

Additionally, I am honored to serve and participate in various group membership activities, including the American Red Cross, Volusia County Cultural Council, and more.


In my free time, I enjoy:

  • performing music (piano, guitar, tuba, and voice)
  • community theatre (acting, set design/construction, lighting/sound)
  • pleasure reading and creative writing
  • building memories with friends and family

As a “history buff,” I also find joy in researching various topics, including politics, space exploration, ecology,  genealogy, and World War Two.