You may have a friend who complains that they “don’t have enough time for exercise.” You may even be that friend! The fact is, everyone has the same 24 hours in the day. It’s up to us to choose how we use them.

Exercise is essential to overall wellness. Whether it’s the gym, a walk around the block, aerobics in front of the TV, or other options, here are some ways you can be “clock smart” and get your fitness in without taking too much time out of your day:

Choose a Favorite Route

Around your neighborhood, a short hike through the woods, twice around the track: find an activity that you’ll can happily commit to doing at least three times a week. Time how long it takes you to complete the activity. Now you know how much fitness time you need to set aside.

Maximize Gym Time

Gyms are social hubs, but just standing around talking is an expensive conversation! Save the chats for the treadmill, or make a plan with a friend to grab a juice and hit the lounge after your workouts are complete. You’ll be amazed at how little time it takes to get your workout in!

Fitness Anywhere

Driving to the gym, park, or other activity area eats up time. There are plenty of fitness options right where you are. March in place. Take a walk around the block. Lift bags of flour or sugar to increase muscle strength. Invest in a set of exercise bands and feel the burn at home.

With so many options for daily exercise, there’s really no excuse for not getting the blood pumping. Don’t let time constraints keep you from your wellness goals! Make time for fitness, and your body will thank you. ■

How do you get your daily exercise in? Let me know in the comments! 

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Frank Samandari is an award-winning journalist, voice talent, and web marketer. Once described by a doctor as “obese,” he lost 90 pounds in 2017 and has successfully kept the weight off through a daily routine of nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness.